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Total Traffic Annihilation: It’s All about Traffic

June 11, 2013 by  

Generating web traffic is a stumbling block for most internet marketers. It can be frustrating to polish up a fantastic website—and then realize you’re getting just one or two visitors. It’s disheartening to realize that those internet riches might not be as close as you thought. You have to find a way to get people to your front door, so to speak, and that’s where the real work of internet marketing begins.

At this stage, some people will begin turning to expensive marketing techniques. Yet some paid marketing techniques will suck you dry while providing very little in return. Others are simply difficult to master and make a profit on—Google pay-per-click advertising being one of the easiest examples. Furthermore, there is an “advertisement resistance” that comes into play here. Many people filter your message out quickly if it comes in the form of a paid advertisement.

You may be surprised to learn that the free traffic generation methods are often more effective at boosting search engine rankings than any paid method—and there are literally dozens of ways to get the job done. If you can approach each method in a step-by-step fashion you should see a dramatic increase in your traffic.

One great way you can master all of the free traffic techniques is by attending the Total Traffic Annihilation course. This is a video tutorial course that comes with an eBook and software package. The software package includes several tools to help you automate and simplify portions of your traffic generation strategy. For example, you can use the software package to enter in pre-determined keywords. The software will then scan article directories for articles covering those topics. Since article directory articles are free use you can pick them up for your blog: the software automates that process, as well, and will even categorize the posts for you.

The software will offer the ability to vastly reduce the time and difficulty associated with some aspects of free content marketing. For example, a user can define keywords they wish to target. The software will then find marketing articles from major article directories, then create posts with articles that match those keywords.

The eBook offers 28 free traffic generation techniques in a step-by-step fashion. It’s like getting a pre-written, turn-key marketing plan: anybody can do this and succeed if they’ll simply follow the steps as outlined. There is nothing in the eBook that is out of reach for almost anybody who attempts the techniques, making the book alone an outstanding resource. It helps demystify some of the techniques that take a little more finesse, such as blog comment marketing or forum marketing. It also offers techniques not many people think about, such as offering quizzes or setting up contests.

Like any tool, the Total Traffic Annihilation course can’t solve every problem. But it could take a struggling marketer out of neutral, giving them that extra “push” that they need to get their traffic into the fast lane.

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