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Tips for Building Yourself a Responsive and Profitable List

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Think about list building and the approach I suggest you take, is the concept of making friends, where you have relationships and friendships are being made. You’ve got to give people a reason why they should become a friend. And just like any time that you’re developing a relationship, there’s usually something that you are giving them, and giving them as a reason why they want to get into a friend relationship with you, right?

Just think about all the times where you start making friends. There’s a conversation being made, there’s smiles being given, there’s some kind of a communication that develops that work between their relationship. And this is the same process that you’re going to use in developing your business list.

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Now back to building that list…

There is the sale being made.

There is a transaction that’s happening here  when you’re building a list. You are going to give them something of value, they’re going to give you something back of value also. What would that be?

Their name, address and permission to continue the relationship.

And you also give them permission that at anytime they want to discontinue the relationship, they can. So they feel safe and comfortable.

So you’re not asking them to take too big a step in starting this relationship with you. So provide a truly valuable gift in exchange for their name and address and permission to contact them again.

Building Trust.

The way you build trust typically is in your own consistent behavior.

People need to believe that you’re predictable.

If you’re always bouncing around and coming up with some hair-brained scheme, that’s always a different thing every week that doesn’t seem to have any rhyme or reason or connection, people won’t trust what you say.

So you have to, you know, trust is earned. You have to become worthy of trust or trustworthy.

You also have to be Believable.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes things that you tell people that are true, they still won’t believe, isn’t that interesting?

They won’t believe the truth.

Now I don’t mean when you fudge the truth, I mean when you actually tell them the truth and they don’t consider it believable.

And it may be because their experience and their background, they have not experienced it. They don’t know anybody who has experienced it. And what you’re telling them is completely foreign to them and they find it unbelievable, even though it’s true.

So how do you get them from unbelievable to truth?

Well that’s in your relationship and your trust.

The Quality of things that you present to them has to be of the highest quality you can find.

Now as you progress, you will continually find new quality, right?

And there’s always new things that come out, that you will track it to and you want to share with other people. And your role in this relationship is always to be the most trustworthy person that you can be. And also provide quality content and products and recommendations to the people who entrust you with their well being.

Doc here… When people come to you Doc, they’re entrusting you with their well being, right? And that relationship between the grand physician and his patients is one build on trust. If you ever spoil that trust, they won’t believe anything you ever tell them again.

Also I want to talk about Hope. That’s one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Is that people, I mean they can have all kinds of odds against them, and what they’re wanting you to tell them is “But we still have hope. And don’t give up, you still have hope. Because I’ve seen people in your condition get to where you want to be”.

And it’s interesting that he said the same thing about car mechanic. He’ll take your care there, and they tell you “Everything is wrong”.

Don’t you hate it, when they just keep telling you “Everything is wrong”, “Everything is wrong”. Then go “Look, all I want is fixed. Just tell me I’ve got hope. I’m fine, right? Tomorrow, can I drive it or not, that’s all I want to know”.

Expert opinion and endorsement is another way to build trust.

So your own expert opinions and endorsements of others help people believe you and to trust you quicker.

When you’re communicating with other people, it doesn’t hurt to drop names. That’s if they know somebody that you know, that is in a circle of influence on that person, go ahead and drop that name. I wouldn’t hit too heavy, but in a passing phrase. It doesn’t hurt to know that John Reeses hosted my first website. Now I’d call up John Reese and say “Hey John, can you get out of bed and knock that web server and get it going again for me?” And it’s a truth.

Okay, so those kind of thing’s you can play off the glow of other people.

Monetizing your list.

I suggest that if you’re going to be an expert in your field then you keep up on the news of your niche market and be right on the front edge.

You’re going to spend a lot of time doing this. You’re going to spend some money doing this. You’re going to spend some of your travel time doing this, aren’t you?

Get out to various conferences, meet new people, be exposed to new ideas.

Also create a web page.

Let people know that you’re here.

That you got off your duff, got in a plane or car, took a train or a bus and  you got to those conferences. And you’re meeting people, you’re getting exposed to new ideas, you have very great time, some sunshine, palm trees, all that kind of stuff that the masses will never do.

And that you are the roving reporter back to them.

And that will position you as somebody to listen to.

You don’t know the power of what you’ve just done unless you’ve realized this before.

And that’s one of the reasons why I want you to put that website up.

Number one is to get the experience of doing it for those that have not done that. Number two, if you never experienced reporting back to the other people that want to hear from you, it will position you instantly as somebody to reckon with.

So do that.

Let people know of breaking news fast.

Some people may say “Hey, you just sent out a newsletter yesterday, why are you writing to me in a day?”

Well, because since I wrote to you yesterday, something important came up, that you need to know about. And if you don’t want to know about it, there’s these links down at the bottom of every one of the things. All you got to do is click on those and I’m out of your life.

So be somebody that people, they know that when something comes across that important, it’s going to come out to them. Now if they don’t want to respond to it, that’s fine, but at least they have the opportunity, right?

Give away Freebies. Give away good ones.

Go out and find the best, I mean there’s all kind of stuff that you can find to give away as a little gift. But it really helps to give away stuff that’s actually valuable, that actually is worth some money, that maybe you’ve gone out of your way to acquire the rights to be able to do it, and it’s exclusivity really works well too.

Provide excellent articles.

Whether you write them, or somebody else writes them, you should at least be reading them and taking the articles that you really think are good and of high quality to put on your website to be associated with because the glow of that article will shine on you.


Here’s my soap box folks.

All of these website builders, all of these programs, they talk about content.

And content is just words on paper, on a website.

Content’s not good enough.

And then the next one they come up with is Relevant Content.

We’re getting closer, right?

Because the person at the Search Engine, typing in the words is actually looking something related to, relevant to, what they’re searching.

Therefore, we get relevant content.

But if you just slap relevant content up your web pages, you know how much money you’re going to make?

Not enough.

So you need to have Actionable Content.

Now what’s that?

Actionable Content is the words that you put on those pages that get people to take action.

And what actions do we want people to take off a website?

Sign up for a list,


Get a Freebie.

Refer us to somebody else.

I mean there’s a whole list of things that you would want people to do…

Click here to get to the next page.

Answer questions.

Give you more information & feedback.

All these things.

So every page that you have, you need to have a goal for that page.

Actionable Content needs to be on there.

Now, Okay, we can do this with Articles.

And that’s kind of the buzz these days. You’ve got to find articles. Robots go find articles for you. But how many of those articles out there are actionable content?

Little to none, okay?

You will find some out there because that’s specifically written to be that way, but most are not.

Because most people don’t get this yet.

So the articles, you can write them, and of course if you write them, you know to put actionable content; and you can get articles written by other people on the topic that’s relative to what somebody might be searching for.

Now, how do you make somebody else’s articles, Relevant Content Articles Actionable?

You don’t even have to rewrite them, right?

Use an Intro and a Close.

You can write an introductory paragraph on the topic to kind of stir up the problem, remember our little format… we get a problem, we stir it up, we give some solution.

Now in that article that you found, it may do some of this for you, but by you putting your little spin at the front of it and giving a little outline of what the topic’s all about, and then say “Let me introduce you to an article I found by so and so, who I believe is one of the best experts on the topic of … “.

And then there’s the article.

And then you give him credit.

And then maybe have a couple of dashes underneath, and you say “Hi, it’s Mark again. Period”.

And then you do the close, and here’s where the action is.

Great article, two or three points that you might want to bring up and emphasize.

Nevertheless, people might’ve scanned it very quick.

Why don’t we do a little Recap?

We’re going to write the recap.

And you draw out two or three things that are real important, you know, big bullet points that people absolutely should not miss.

And the next thing you want to do is add something to the effect of… you know “If you’re really interested in knowing more about this, I’ve found what I believe to be the preeminent resource on it.”

So on this webpage that has the article on it, you’re not trying to do the sale on that page.

What you’re looking for is to get them to click that link.

That’s the action that you want.

Remember, baby steps.

If people aren’t clicking on your link, you asked them to do too much in one step.

If somebody is not taking the step you want them to take, you need to look at the step you asked them to take, and divide by three.

Break it down into about three more steps so that they can go inch by inch instead of a leap.

Resource recommendations… you want to be making those.

Monetizing your list with special deals that you set up, either your own, or maybe you got some joint ventures that you’ve set up. If you’re doing that, you’d always like to be able to may be have a special prize, may be a few extra bonuses, some kind of scarcity time limit or quantity limits involved, deadlines, okay. I speak before I press buttons.

And Follow up, Follow up, Follow up.

Is the way to monetize your list.

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