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Marketing Expert, Dr. Lant, On How To Get Your Customers to Buy and Be Repeat Customers

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Dr. Lant knows 95% of what goes on in a successful business is promotion, 5% product development. He’s made millions of dollars on the internet Implementing all that he had written for you in Cash Copy How To Offer Your Products And Services So Your Prospects Buy Them… NOW! This isn’t just a book. It’s a […]

5 Things You Should Do When Your Customer Buys (if you want more business in the future!)

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant You SAY you want more business and the money that comes thereby. But unless you do these 5 things, you’re just whistling “Dixie”. 1) Smile & Say Thank You Do a little survey. For the next few days, take a look at how you’re treated in the various stores you patronize. […]