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Find Our Best Products for Prosperity – All Right Here..

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We’ve put together all our best-sellers and products for making money all together in one spot for easy access. Go Now to: Special Entrepreneurial Package Deal What You’re About To Get: – “CASH COPY: How to offer your products and services so your prospects buy them NOW!” 0ver 400 pages. The most important book […]

6 Reasons Why You Are Not Making Any Money With Your Info Products…

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1. not knowing the market. Too many info-products are egotistical productions. If you want to make money from such a product, you must direct it squarely at a large and growing market that has a pain you can take away … or an aspiration you can help them achieve. 2. not delivering useful information. Most […]

8 Things That Bug Me About Doing Business Online

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by Dr. Jeffrey Lant Been trying to do business online awhile? Then you already know it ain’t a bed of roses every day. Here’s my personal list of the 8 biggest irritations about doing business online. #1 People who are looking for a sure-fire “get rich quick” scheme I don’t know about you, but the […]

How To Offer Your Products And Services So Your Prospects Buy Them… NOW!

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Tired of wasting your time and money? Ready to move on to some major profits? INTRODUCING: CASH COPY How To Offer Your Products And Services So Your Prospects Buy Them… NOW! The money-making blockbuster by America’s master wordsmith DR. JEFFREY LANT. EVERY page of this unparalleled unique resource will produce money…. and has been doing so […]

Dr. Lant Multi-Millionaire Talks Candidly On What It Takes For Business Success

Dr. Lant, world famous marketer, entrepreneur and success trainer speaks candidly on why you are not succeeding in business. Tune in.You’ll never see a video like this one. With Dr. Lant what you see is what you get. The real deal.   A multi-millionaire sharing what bought him success and will bring you success too! […]

Your lousy communication skills are hurting yourself and others. Here’s what you need to do at once.

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It’s time to call a spade a spade. We are members of the most communications savvy and personally wired generation ever. Even the tiniest mite has her cell phone with camera. Yet the truth is, the explosion of communications tools has produced less real communication than ever; you and your poor communications skills are one […]

‘I’ve been workin’ on my rewrite, that’s right.’ An open letter to a young friend who wants to be a scribbler.

February 27, 2014 by  
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Author’s program note. I saw the way you looked at that photo of me on the  back of my first book. I looked so young, well-scrubbed, brushed and combed,  so smart with a dollop of profound sensitivity about the mouth, supposing I was  ready for anything, not even knowing the questions needing to be answered, […]

What really constitutes success? Courageous researchers turn the world upsidedown, as they reveal why failure should be your career path of choice.

Actung! Warning! Cuidado! The world’s foremost authorities on what constitutes success have released their long-awaited report. It is a blockbuster, an astonishing tour de force on what really constitutes success and failure. This astonishing report, an eon or two in the making, drawing as it does from the circumstances and life paths of people worldwide, […]

‘The Thing.’ What Arthur Godfrey can teach you about immediate online video success. A (mostly) laudatory look at the man who brought intimacy to media.

Author’s program note. I can see Arthur Godfrey’s domain so very clearly in my mind’s eye. It was my grandmother’s kitchen, a place of succulent smells and apple- pie order, the care and feeding of her extensive brood her primary, her only objective. There on the counter, under the wooden cupboards filled with the essential […]

‘That song really sticks with you, doesn’t it?’ An appreciation for the life of Pete Seeger, patriarch of the American protest song, dead at 94, January 27, 2014.

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Author’s program note. When I heard that Pete Seeger had died I was 16 all over  again, immersed in the righteous rituals of American adolescence, which in that  year of our Lord 1973 meant the music and always pointed lyrics of Pete Seeger,  the man who used singalong music and gentle verse to remind us […]

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