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Copy Writing Made Quick and Simple with the Bare Essence Copywriting Part 1

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Robert Plank from shares his Bare Essence Copywriting – So there’s lots of ways to write your sales letter, to write copy, but who the heck wants to spend a few weeks writing sales copy?  Who the heck wants to spend a week or a few days or even a full day writing a […]

How To Offer Your Products And Services So Your Prospects Buy Them… NOW!

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Tired of wasting your time and money? Ready to move on to some major profits? INTRODUCING: CASH COPY How To Offer Your Products And Services So Your Prospects Buy Them… NOW! The money-making blockbuster by America’s master wordsmith DR. JEFFREY LANT. EVERY page of this unparalleled unique resource will produce money…. and has been doing so […]

Dr. Lant Multi-Millionaire Talks Candidly On What It Takes For Business Success

Dr. Lant, world famous marketer, entrepreneur and success trainer speaks candidly on why you are not succeeding in business. Tune in.You’ll never see a video like this one. With Dr. Lant what you see is what you get. The real deal.   A multi-millionaire sharing what bought him success and will bring you success too! […]

5 huge copywriting errors you are STILL making! And it’s costing you BIG!

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From article Series By Dr. Jeffrey Lant You’ve told me over and over again that you want to succeed at marketing, because you know that folks who do reap the greatest rewards in business. You also know that one key area of marketing — copywriting — must be mastered, and as soon as possible. […]

The two secrets to power writing — reciting, rewriting.

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From Article Series by  Dr. Jeffrey Lant I’ve been a published writer and author for six decades now. I’ve got 18 books and thousands of articles under my belt. As a  result people are constantly asking me the “secrets” of writing that resonates, captures readers and gets your message delivered. Alright, you’ve asked me […]