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Tips for Building Yourself a Responsive and Profitable List

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Think about list building and the approach I suggest you take, is the concept of making friends, where you have relationships and friendships are being made. You’ve got to give people a reason why they should become a friend. And just like any time that you’re developing a relationship, there’s usually something that you are […]

Find Our Best Products for Prosperity – All Right Here..

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We’ve put together all our best-sellers and products for making money all together in one spot for easy access. Go Now to: Special Entrepreneurial Package Deal What You’re About To Get: – “CASH COPY: How to offer your products and services so your prospects buy them NOW!” 0ver 400 pages. The most important book […]

8 Things That Bug Me About Doing Business Online

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by Dr. Jeffrey Lant Been trying to do business online awhile? Then you already know it ain’t a bed of roses every day. Here’s my personal list of the 8 biggest irritations about doing business online. #1 People who are looking for a sure-fire “get rich quick” scheme I don’t know about you, but the […]

Dr. Lant Here to Put Money In Your Pocket. Read on…

People, An opportunity awaits… Dr. Lant is giving away everything he’s ever produced and availed himself to Members of at a ridiculously low price. Learn how you can get the Whole Enchilada – Tune in: You’ll see how to write prose and copy like this master. Have weekly Q&A Sessions with Dr. Lant on […]

Review of LIVE Bootcamp Training with George Kosch on Feb 13, 2015. Presented by the home business experts at Worldprofit Inc. February 13, 2015

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Review of LIVE Bootcamp Training with George Kosch George offered a “colossal tease” saying that in today’s session he reveals what he did to make $100 in less than 1 minute. But first, he talked about the training and WHY the training we provide is vital to your understanding and is your path to growing […]

Here are the Ten Commandments for maximum (particularly home business) success. Thou shalt follow them if profits be thy goal.

Author’s program note. As I write this article, the stirring chords of Elmer Bernstein’s score for the 1956 classic “The Ten Commandments” are ringing in my ear, by turns sultry, bombastic, holy and hubristic, suitable for philistines everywhere, a supreme illustration of why we go to the movies in the first place and why we […]

The great secret of business success: The MORE you GIVE AWAY, the richer you get!

Want to use your business to get rich? Of course you do! Then why aren’t you giving away more? Counter intuitive though this thought may appear, it contains the key truth of business success: the more you GIVE AWAY, the richer you get! How much did you give away yesterday? How much the day before? […]

An urgent message for all those in their first job… what to do to move up fast… even in troubled economic times.

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Author’s program note. Everyone remembers their first job with, perhaps, a bit of nostalgia and a soupcon of fondness, after the fact. But did you really know what you were doing… and, more to the point, leverage that job and rise high — even in a period of economic dislocations, miseries, and muddles? Perhaps because […]

How to stay focused and make money on days you DON’T feel like it!

Did you lay in bed this morning unwilling, unable to get up? Did every fibre of your body demand more time in the sack? Was it a struggle to open an eye… and get up? Sure enough, if today wasn’t like this, some of your many tomorrows will be. You need to be prepared for […]

Want online profits? You SAY you do, but let’s see. This is a must-read article for everyone who wants to make an honest buck online — from home — starting right now! No kidding!

Author’s program note. Boy, am I ever frosted, which is a good Illinois word for ticked off, miffed, mad, mad, mad. This is the problem. All day, every day (because we never close) people worldwide enter our Worldprofit Live Business Center and confirm (because we ask them) that they are present not to buy a […]

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