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Secrets to Getting Rich

June 16, 2016 by  

Want to get rich?

Then create for yourself a space dedicated to one thing and one thing only,

A space where the focus is exclusively and solely on getting rich,

Where NOTHING else is ever allowed, tolerated, or accepted.

Now take a dollar bill and staple it to a piece of paper.

Then post it where you can see it every day.

That dollar, that single dollar, is the single step that begins the thousand mile journey to wealth.

The crucial mantra.

It is now time to “psych yourself up”, to put your brain in the proper state and condition so it can do its essential work.

You need a “mantra.”

Here is the mantra I have written for you:


When you are ready… promote./ When you are not… promote.

When it rains… promote/ when it’s dry… promote.

When you’re rich… promote./ when you’re not … promote.

When you feel like it… promote./ When you don’t… promote!

The great thing about a mantra is that is can easily be customized for you.


“When my kids are screaming… promote/ When they’re not… promote!” Get it?

Mantras are designed to put yourself in the place you need to be, your subconscious mind ready to take you there.

If your goal is wealth, and if not why not, now’s the moment to play the numbers game.

If you’re marketing on line (you are, aren’t you?)

You need to set FOUR numbers:

The number of ads you need to email;

The number of clicks from those ads;

The number of prospects from those clicks, and finally

The number of sales and dollars therefrom.

These 4 numbers are crucial and must be set and reached DAILY,

Cash_copy_funnel_pic with link 600 pix

Another essential tool is Cash Copy – The Copy-writer’s bible.

This isn’t just a book.

It’s a cash machine that will put money in your pocket
every time you use it for the rest of your life.

Welcome to


How To Offer Your Products And Services
So Your Prospects Buy Them… NOW!

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