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Review: Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch, presented LIVE Oct 25, 2013.

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Review: Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch, LIVE on Oct 25, 2013.

George Kosch welcomed participants to the LIVE training session.

George kicked off the training by stating that a number of Members aren’t following the training and aren’t doing ANY promotion. This is shocking, because it doesn’t matter what program you are in, if you aren’t promoting you aren’t making sales.

George was frank in today’s remarks saying, I must be doing something wrong in my teaching. Every week I talk about promotion. I tell you what you must DO to make sales. I explain the importance of building a list. I show you where the best places are to advertise to get results. We provide you with ad examples, landing pages, banners, ad trackers and bonus builders for offers. It’s just not sinking in, so for the next 30 minutes, I am going to try a different angle to drill in the basics of what you need to do, to promote so you can make sales.”

99% of your effort should be in getting people into your “shop”. What’s your shop? The various landing pages for the various products and services. Why do you want to do this? The LIFE of your business is the number of leads you generate. Leads are what generate sales. Too may people focus on the wrong things when they first start their business by focusing on tasks that are not directly related to promotion and sales. Your first priority is knowing how to generate leads. Understand the basics of promotion, lead generation and list building and you can apply these skills to building ANY ONLINE business. If you don’t understand the basics you will FAIL in any and all businesses you do.

Here’s what you should do now to get on track.

1. Watch the two TRAINING videos for Beginners. Progress through the other lessons with careful study not speed. Take notes as you listen.

2. Start doing your promotions using the landing pages (ad examples) and trusted advertising sources provided in your member area.

3. Attend the LIVE bootcamp training sessions every week, OR, watch the recorded version if that is more convenient for you.

4. Commit to learning the basics, and learning new concepts every day, and doing your promotions consistently, every day if possible.

Become a NUMBERS Junkie!

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