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Review: LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch Friday Feb 14th, 2014.

February 15, 2014 by  

George Kosch started the training today with recognition for Worldprofit’s “oldest and wisest” Dealer.

Mr. John Covault is the sharp age of 98!

John is an inspiration to all for showing us that age is no obstacle to learning and building an online business.
Over the years, three members of the Covault family have been Worldprofit Dealers. John tells us that he works away at his business to keep his mind active.
Congratulations John Covault for showing such determination and strength in staying active in your online business.

George then shared that we just finalized commission checks for payout in February and noticed…

Some of you had personal bests this month!
Some of you earned cash bonuses for new sales volume!
Some of you will be getting your first check EVER since you started online marketing.
You’ve told  us that is due to the training you’ve received at Worldprofit, thank you for that.
It’s our continued goal to teach you how to earn consistent income from reputable online sources, teaching you exactly what you need to do to generate leads and build your email marketing list.

Towards that goal, we have been working on some new tools to help you do just that….

Here’s what’s new for you as a Silver or Platinum VIP Member.

1. TWO new landing pages have been created (build your list while generating leads for you)
These are ready now!
Access in your Member area under ADVERITSING TRAFFIC then click on AD EXAMPLES. The newest ones are at the top.
No cost.

2. Ebooks as giveaways are now being integrated into new Landing Pages
You can pick and choose from up to 8 ebooks and add them to your landing pages as incentives to increase your leads.
System sends an email automatcially to the respondent with links to get the ebooks. You get a lead! No work for you in sending out the ebooks! Your lead gets their eBook choices instantly!
No cost.

3. Ebook Rebrander (Version 2)
Time-saving lead generation you are going to LOVE!

To be released in next 7 days.
No cost.

George moved on to provide an overview of two new Worldprofit services.

A. Super Solo Ads

This is a new commissionable item for Dealers to sell, or you can purchase the Super Solo Traffic Package for yourself.
You simply submit your ad, and your ad is then hand submitted to 11 high traffic safelists. Included is several other generous membership bonuses. The Super Solo Ad Packages are offered now at an introductory price that will be increased. The value of the inclusions in this package is far higher than the purchase price and they are time consuming for our team so we have no choice but to increase the cost. You get an email everytime your ad is submitted and you can check the status within your Member area. You can re-order if you like.
-> Access to the Super Solo Package is in your Member area, on LEFT MENU select SUPER SOLO TRAFFIC Packs.

George offered some secrets to Solo Ads that generate LEADS.

Keep your ads short in length and punchy in style.
Use an eye-catching subject line.
List the BENEFITS in your offer.
Include ONE link.

In summary: TELL people what they get, then provide the link to get it NOW!

B. George demonstrated the new Pintrest Blog.
It’s available now.
George has recorded a video showing you you benefit from this Pintrest Blog
He reveals something that is included that is yet another income resource for you!
The blog takes time for our team to install so there is a one time cost for installation.
For more information, in your Member area on LEFT MENU, select PLUGINS/BLOGS/Cpanel then select PINTREST STYLE BLOG.

All of these tools are provided as FUEL for your online business to help you generate leads and build your email marketing list.


Recommended Safelist.

LOL Solo Ads has been added to the Money Makers section of your member area, click on MONEY MAKERS KIT, there you will see LOL Solos. This is a highly recommended Safelist offered by a very clever business woman, Maria McCarthy.  Join at:

Price Change Notice

Video Blogs are curently prices at Introductory one time installation cost of $67, the price IS going up in the next few days to $97.  If you want to get the lower price, buy now.
In your Member area on LEFT MENU, select PLUGINS/BLOGS/Cpanel then VIDEO BLOGS.

Staying up to date with what’s going on…

Four ways to stay up to date. 

– Message Center (located in your member area above the Live Business Center
– Facebook Worldprofit Group
– Worldprofit Bootcamp newsletters (mails to you 3 – 4 times per week) make sure it’s not going into your SPAM folder.
– Attend the LIVE training each week with George Kosch, or watch the recordings posted to the TRAINING section.

Thank you to everyone who attended the LIVE Home Business Bootcamp training with George Kosch. The recording is NOW posted to your Member area in the TRAINING section.

Next LIVE training is Friday Feb 21st, 2014.

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