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Remarks made on behalf of Wallace Johnson, exemplary home business owner, aged88, on the occasion of his victory in the Worldprofit Inc. sales contest, April, 2013.

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By Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Author’s program note. Since the beginning of human society and civilization, we homo sapiens have extolled… and rightly so… the achievements of our fellow Earth travelers, not just to honor the people who have advanced our collective cause but to point to them as models of our kind, role models for our present, abiding models to inform and inspire all who follow us.

The ways in which notable people are so honored are as various as the people themselves. Sovereigns lift subjects to milords by their “mere motion.” Medals are given the worthy for the greatest action of all… saving life while risking their own. Even our pets are honored for “best of breed”, their awards and meritorious mentions covering thousands of walls in jurisdictions worldwide. We all know the value of honor. We all strive to recognize it… and if we have any grit about us, we all work hard to be such an honored person and enjoy the plaudits and the respect of the good people who matter.

It is my privilege as Chief Executive Officer of to present such a person to you and to do it in the most honorable of ways… modeled after a great Guildhall banquet in London… for there is no people on Earth which values its great events as much as the British do… and which goes to greater exertion to ensure all such occasions are rendered just so… absolutely perfect in every single important and time-honored detail; just as we trust this event is rendered.

Honored friend, Wallace, such punctilio is your due for you have honored your colleagues every single day with your signal service… no more so than in April, 2013. Thus we gather to praise you… to recognize you… and to make merry in grand fashion for you have earned such an event, such honor, such recognition and the friendship of all who stand forward in this article with their laudable words.

Musical accompaniment.

To accompany this homage I have selected one of the most well-known and stirring of songs, the song that celebrates the great days of England’s imperium, “Heart of Oaks.” Go find it in any search engine now.

The music was composed by Dr. William Boyce, and the words were written by the celebrated actor David Garrick. It was originally written as an opera and premiered New Year’s Eve 1759 at the Garrick Theatre.

The “wondrous year” referenced in the first verse is 1759-1760, during which British forces were victorious in actions as disparate and universal as the Battle of Minden on 1st August 1759; the Battle of Lagos on 19 August 1759; the Battle of the Plains of Abraham (outside Quebec City) on 13 September 1759 and the Battle of Quiberon Bay on 20 November 1759, foiling a French invasion project. These were followed a few months later by the Battle of Wandiwash in India on 22 January 1760. >From these victories emerged an empire on which the sun never set… and lyrics grand enough to celebrate such an achievement, especially this line:

“We always are ready; steady, boys, steady.”

And Wallace, that line embodies the way you have lived your life, from the Apollo Project where you were a distinguished Test Pilot, to your current career as home business entrepreneur, counselor and champion. At an age where so many of your peers have long ago retired, you have found happiness, purpose and a constantly renewed zest in being a source of wisdom, a veritable Nestor… and you have done it through a cocktail all your own, part determination, part focus, part, team member, part a giving nature…. the sum total being all your own and helpful to each. See for yourself. These are the comments of your Worldprofit colleagues. Mirabile dictu! How fortunate the man, Wallace, who inspires them… as you daily do.

Worldprofit Co-Founder and President Sandi Hunter. “Wallace Johnson is a tremendous human being and shining example of what can be accomplished (at any age) with a strong will and solid work ethic. He sets a goal, rolls up his sleeves and does the work he needs to do to accomplish that goal. Wallace, you are a gentleman, a man of integrity and someone who will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Mohammed Clayborne. “Wallace, you are a man of integrity and determination which is to be envied by all. We all strive to reach the pinnacle as you did in April and may you have many more months in this position…that is, until I catch up with you!!!”

Howard Martell. “When I first joined Worldprofit back in December 2009 I had the honor of being mentored by this senior monitor who helped show me how to run Worldprofit’s Live Business Center the right way. Wallace, I am so proud of your determination. You inspire me to work harder as serious business owner.”

Vanda Strange. “I have had the privilege of knowing Wallace Johnson MBA for the past four and a half years and I can honestly say, I have never met a man with such honor, integrity and zest for life that can touch every person he meets. Thank you, Wallace, for being you! ”

Michael Harris. “Wallace Johnson worked diligently in helping the Apollo Project soar to new heights during his stay as an Apollo Astronaut. But as I often listen to his voice and watch him at the helm of the Worldprofit Live Business Center, his leadership draws me to soar to new heights as well! Thank you, Wallace Johnson.”

Liz English. “Wallace, Congratulations. You are the perfect example of an Entrepreneur. At the age of 88 you have pulled out all the stops. Done what needed to be done, followed directions, listened, learned, and put into action the necessary steps that were needed to become the Number One Sales Person, April 2013 at Worldprofit. You have shown us all ‘the secret to success’…is no secret. It’s called constant exertion; finding ways to add more value to peoples’ lives; more than anyone else does! You have indeed done this for me and for all of us at Worldprofit.”

Sherry Hamilton. “Wallace Johnson is a man full of heart and humor, and I am certain, a youthful vigor that most younger people do not have. This, I believe is what ensures his success in everything he attends. I would like to thank Wallace for sharing his heart with me while I was training as a monitor with Worldprofit. He went ‘above and beyond’ to help me feel ‘at ease’.”

Robert Rehling. “Wallace, I would like to congratulate you on your April achievement of top seller in our Worldprofit community. It is an honor to know you and work with you in the Monitor Team. Keep up the excellent job you do for all of us here at Worldprofit.”

Mike Pachuta. “Sir, it is and has been a pleasure to serve with you in our great community. At first I thought you were just another in our community. But you have shown that to be far from true. You are a true leader as well!!”

Barbara Buegeler: “Wallace has been a friend to me, helping me when I first started as a monitor and was scared to death. Over the period of time I have been a Dealer, he has had a number of health challenges which he overcame. He is a spirit to be reckoned with, as he has a strong work ethic, a kind heart, and LOTS of chutzpah, which I thoroughly admire.”

Mark Anderson. ‘Wallace Johnson is an inspiration for all that are a part of the Worldprofit family. He sets at his respectable age the example for all to follow and has a spectacular decorum when meeting and greeting people, associates and dealers alike. I tip my hat to him with the highest respect.”

Lisa Martiniuk. “Wallace, I think of you as that soft, warm glow emanating from the Moon. A subtle, yet steady source of light, to guide lost travellers, whilst keeping darkness at bay.”

Minta Beard: “I am honored to express my sincere gratitude to Wallace Johnson for being an inspiration to all of us. His success shows that dedication, determination, focus, and commitment are important factors for making it to the top. Wallace is an individual that I admire and respect his leadership.”

Daniel Fischer. “Wallace, you know and I know that absent your help, faith and conviction that I could succeed, I would never have become a Senior Monitor and watched my skills and business improve and increase every single day. ‘Thank you; doesn’t begin to express my deep feelings about you. You literally changed my life and I am grateful.” The Toast.

Ladies and gentlemen, entrepreneurs all, please be upstanding as we say, each and every one, ‘Congratulations, Wallace Johnson’. The man who made a difference, the great goal we should all be striving to achieve… and which Wallace has done, with good cheer, warm heart, constant giving and the friendship and good wishes of all.

“”Come, cheer up, my lads, ’tis to glory we steer To add something more to this wonderful year.”

That “something” is Wallace Johnson!

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Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc., providing a wide range of online services for small and-home based businesses. Republished with author’s permission by Patrice Porter Check out Shoe-In Money ->

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