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OMG! You’ve got The Color Green Syndrome… and it’s killing your business, absolutely killing it!

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Do you suffer from the debilitating Color Green Syndrome? Read this and see.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Author’s program note. Are you one of the billion or so people worldwide who’s been blaming the recession for all your woes, including that pimple on your back you popped… but should have left alone? Then this article is for YOU… and not a moment too soon either. In it, we’re going to examine just what you did yesterday to make money and whether you were focused on what you should have been focused on… or whether you had succumbed to one of the greatest of business maladies of all time: the pernicious Color Green Syndrome.

To put you in the mood to deal with this problem and to root it out of your business and life, I’m calling up Stevie Wonder, particularly his 1982 song “Do I Do”. (Go find it in any search engine; use the long — 10 1/2 minute — version that features Dizzy Gillespie.) It’s guaranteed to get you up, breathing deep, gliding across your floor with a practised dexterity you didn’t know was in you. Good! For this article and the resurrection of your business you need all the right moves… and Stevie is going to help you get them… as I am.

Are you suffering from The Color Green Syndrome? I bet you are… and it’s killing you.

What is this condition that’s worse than any plague, that’ll knock you for a loop faster than any flu… yea verily, that will cripple your enterprises more assuredly than the IRS or any other government intervention? Listen, my children, and you shall learn it here, find out how to perceive it, deal with it, eradicate it forever and so soar….

The heart and soul of your business is two things, just two things you must know and do EVERY single day without fail, every day that is when you want to use your business for what your business is for: making money, making money, oh yes, making money. Ou la la!

Okay, let’s dig in, in the spirit of medical research and solution. The two things you must do EVERY day in your business are to 1) generate prospects and 2) close those prospects. Nothing — absolutely NOTHING — is as fundamental to your success as this. So, let’s take a sustained gander at what you did yesterday to grow your business and reap rewards from it… and whether The Color Green Syndrome laid you low.

How the Syndrome got its name.

According to my trusty and much used dictionary, syndrome is defined as an aggregate or set of concurrent symptoms together indicating the presence and nature of a disease. One of the most destructive and insidious of these syndromes is the subject of this article. Here’s how it was discovered and named.

A person not unlike you came to visit me one day, asserting with vehemence and vigor that he wanted to make money online. To do so he knew he needed tools, training, traffic and ongoing help, and he paid me to provide them. I got down to business with a will; I am a man who believes in action, action now… and so in due course I presented him with a website that was 100% focused on stopping prospects in their tracks, motivating them to take notice, leave complete follow-up details (the better to have and develop those essential prospect lists) … and move like greased lightning to get the stupendous offer I had persuaded him to make.

But things, begun so auspiciously, slowed to a snail’s pace — or slower — at this moment. Why? “Because the green you selected for the background color isn’t the green I want. Show me some others.”

And so began the descent into madness and the unraveling of a great enterprise with a killer website standing at the ready to make lucre, and a lot of it.

The client didn’t like the green… but wanted to show his partner… who definitely didn’t like the green…

One requested one green; the other requested another. And while they reviewed, considered and discussed the virtues and winning attributes of greens ranging from apple green… chartreuse… hunter green… Islamic green…. fern green… Paris green… Shamrock green and several dozen other greens, far more greens than either you, me, or the customer even knew existed… their business stopped. So important was getting just the precise shade that all other matters, including the prosaic little matter of generating prospects, closing prospects, making money fell by the wayside… prospects ungenerated, offers unmade, sales non existent… until just the right green surfaced, was seen, discussed, selected, and shown off.

“So sad, but what has this to do with me?”, you ask.

You will recall that a syndrome is an aggregate of symptoms… and so it is here. The Color Green Syndrome can easily morph into any of the following conditions:

“I cannot generate prospects, call prospects, close prospects, until…”

* I have 2 cups of coffee, not a drop more or less;

* I have watched my favorite television program, never missing a minute or an episode:

* My dog is walked, my newspaper read, my toast prepared just so (and oh if my favorite jam is gone).

“I cannot generate prospects, call prospects, close prospects until I’ve….”

* called my children;

* fluffed my pillows;

* considered lunch and dinner menus.

And several million other situations, conditions, “really important things” that (by definition and sanctified usage) are important, way more important than doing what’s necessary to generate prospects… contact prospects… close and make deals with prospects.

Don’t say you aren’t subject to this malady. This is Dr. Lant you’re talking to, your friend, ultimate realist…. and we both know better, don’t we? You’ve got a bad case… and blaming it on the recession just passed — or anything else — just isn’t good enough….

So, unless you’re prepared to let The Color Green Syndrome (in any of its many manifestations) continue to undermine your business, you’ve got to change your ways… today… and I’ve asked Stevie Wonder to assist.

START with the two essential money-making activities — generating leads,calling leads — BEFORE you do ANYTHING else. Treat the prospects you’ll generate like this:

“When I see you on the street My whole body gets weak.”

In short treat that all -important prospect like the lover you cannot wait a single minute to contact… and make this kind of offer:

“Yes I got some honey suckle chocolate dripping kisses full of love for you.”

Go on, try it. It’s the only way to eradicate The Color Green Syndrome and focus on the only green that matters in business… the green backs your new moves and attitude are sure to deliver. Now turn up Stevie Wonder… and dance! After all, as soon as you generate and call all those prospects, you’re going to make a whole lot of money today…. and that calls for boogie!

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