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It’s Started! Get in NOW while you still can. [List-a-Palooza] How to Add 10,000 People to Your List in 90 Days

June 10, 2014 by  

It’s Started the List-a-Palooza challenge!

We’ve started week 2 but you can watch the replays to catch up.

Get FREE access at: https://realprosperity.infusionsoft.com/go/listapalooza/Tresea

During the 90 Day Challenge, you will:
* Receive weekly accountability check ins for tracking your results so that you accelerate your path to more subscribers (and more sales!)
* Get access to TWO training calls each week with some of the world’s top List-Building Experts to share their hottest strategies and tactics with you for massively growing your list.
* Be invited to participate in a weekly “Power Hour” in which we all get online together at the same time to implement ONE specific list-building tactic.

Click here to get FREE access: https://realprosperity.infusionsoft.com/go/listapalooza/Tresea

You can still catch the replay too of the first List-a-Palooza
training call:

“How to Add 10,000 People to Your List in 90 Days!”

with PJ Van Hulle

You will learn how to:

* “Jumpstart” Your E-mail List if You’re Just Starting Out

* Leverage the 3 Key Elements to Growing Your List Quickly

* Make $10,000 from Just One E-mail (Even with a Smaller List)

* Maximize Your Results from the List-a-Palooza
90 Day Challenge

PJ Van Hulle is an acclaimed international speaker
who works with other speakers, authors and coaches
to grow their e-mail lists so that they can attract more
clients and sales, with less time, effort and stress.

She is a certified trainer with 15 years of teaching
experience, the author of the Little Book of Prosperity,
the co-author of Make Your Connections Count, and
the creator of the List-a-Palooza 90 Day List-Building

I’m going to do this and I hope you will come join me!

Join NOW at: https://realprosperity.infusionsoft.com/go/listapalooza/Tresea
Patrice Porter
Webmaster http://www.20waystoprofit.com

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