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“CASH COPY: How to offer your products and services
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“How to Make a Whole Lot More than $1,000,000 Writing, Commissioning, Publishing and Selling ‘How To’ Information.”
An ultra-detailed book with everything you need to know about writing “how to” information.
How to write it, how to print it, how to publish it and how to promote it. EVERYTHING!
over 500 pages of Detailed Information.


“The Unabashed Self-Promoter’s Guide: What every man, woman, child
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This book has grossed over $1,000,000 helping people like you get free media and promotion. You will use this book for the rest of your life.
Thousands and thousands of people all around the world are now using this book. They range from people running small businesses to two sitting members of the United States Senate, from people with the most idealistic motives to those who have no other motive than simply wanting to get filthy rich. Members of state legislatures and celebrities with well-known names are using this book to build their stature and promote their interests…Entrepreneurs swear by it because it promotes their products and services to targeted constituencies who can buy and benefit from their babies.

Entertainers, charities and nonprofit organizations of every kind, even budding revolutionaries have all found in these pages the secrets they need to influence their publics.

And, not surprisingly, hundreds of authors and publishers have found here exactly what they need to sell more books.
Over 300 pages of Amazing Content

Money Making Marketing with Dr. Jeffrey Lant

THE Original “Money Making Marketing” Course with Dr. Jeffrey Lant Now available to you to download and watch over and over again. Four hours long. Everything you need to know to start mastering marketing today! (Two two-hour segments). Comes with the over 200 page course text, “Money Making Marketing: Finding the people who need what you’re selling and making sure they buy it.”

The Consultant’s Kit: Establishing and Operating Your Successful Consulting Business. A Complete Guide to Succeeding In the Advice Business

Get 2 books for the price of one – “The Consultant’s Kit: Establishing and Operating Your Successful Consulting Business” & “How To Make At Least $100,000 Every Year As A Successful Consultant In Your Own Field: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO SUCCEEDING IN THE ADVICE BUSINESS”


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