Tuesday, September 18, 2018

It’s time for your bonfire of excuses. Reflections on getting out of your own way, seizing success today.

One way and another I have been in business for, what, over 40 years. I have created and run businesses, right up to the present. Taught thousands of business students of every age. Written 18 business books and thousands of business articles. Had a nationally syndicated radio program on business. But you get the point. […]

Relationship Building is Good Business, here’s why.

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If you want to set your business apart from your competitors spend some time creating and fostering relationships with your current and prospective customers. Strong business relationship lead to long term customers and this is good for your bottom line. If you have been ignoring social media it’s time to recognize that you are turning […]

5 Essentials every online marketer must know. If you are a new Affiliate Marketer read this!

So you want to make some extra money online by being an Affiliate Marketer. Affiliate marketing is fun and you’ve got lots of choices for what you can promote PLUS lots of places to advertise at no cost or low cost. I don’t have to even tell you what to market, you have so many […]

A recognized Internet marketing master delivers the sober word you don’twant to hear: The way you’re ‘marketing’ online your failure is assured.Take the challenge and see for yourself.

Author’s program note. One of the great films is “Cool Hand Luke” (1967) that features this line etched in acid, “What we have here is failure to communicate”. This line is delivered just after the prison authority has slashed “Luke” with a whip, causing him to roll over and over down a long, dusty hill, […]

In a Biz op or doing Affiliate Marketing? 5 SHOCKING REASONS why you aren’t getting any leads.

By Sandi Hunter 1. You are promoting a website and not a Landing Page, also known as a Squeeze page. To generate leads you need an eye-popping landing page. It’s exactly what it sounds like. You promote your landing page, people LAND on it, see your offer and provide you with their contact info so […]

The 7 numbers that ensure business sales, profits, and wealth. I’ll tell you the secret… but I bet you won’t use it! Yet you SAY you want to make money. Pshaw!

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant. Author’s program note. It’s far too early in the morning for me to be up and at ’em like I am. But I’m on a rescue mission, yeah, a real Florence Nightingale. I’m about nothing less than saving your bacon by sharing — and in every particular — one absolutely crucial […]

Review of LIVE Home Business Bootcamp with marketing expert and Worldprofit co-founder, George Kosch. Aug 16, 2013

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Review of LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch Aug 16, 2013 George’s introductory remarks welcomed participants to the LIVE training session. He offered congratulations to the Top Sellers so far this month for their consistent hard work and promotion. This month Worldprofit introduced some new services Demonstrations during today’s Home Business Training Graphic […]

Interview with George Kosch, co-founder of Worldprofit Inc. on the occasion of the company’s 19th Birthday

The following in an except from an interview with George Kosch conducted Aug 14th, 2013. George, I understand that you attended the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario and following that you served in the Canadian Armed Forces. Most of that time you were training to become a jet fighter pilot, and once successful, you […]

Review: LIVE Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch Aug 9, 2013

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Review: LIVE Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch August 9, 2013. This is a basic review of the LIVE training session, for the entire program and discussion watch the recorded version. Introductory Notes: George Kosch, bootcamp instructor welcomed members to the live weekly training session. George reminded participants that Worldprofit’s 19th Birthday offer is on […]